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#!/usr/bin/env bash
# Variables are sed search and replace arguments
FIX_XMPDASH="s/xmp-/jpg /"
# This is a map-reduce job that extracts one line from the Getty Open XMP XML
# as is extracted by
# The mjob uses grep -H to put the file name at the front of each line
# the -A4 makes grep emit 4 lines after the location of the <dc:description> tag
# The unneeded lines are removed with head and tail
# then sed is used to remove the XML tag and change the filename back to the .jpg extension
# so it refers to the original
# The reduce phase collects the one-liners with cat and moves them into
# the compute job's /var/tmp directory, then sorts it and uses
# mput to put the sorted file on Manta as an object
mfind -t o /$MANTA_USER/public/images/getty-open/metadata_xmp -n 'xmp$' | \
mjob create -w -m "grep -H --label=\`basename \$MANTA_INPUT_OBJECT\` -A4 '<dc:description>' | head -3 | tail -1 | \
sed -e '${STRIP_XML}' -e '${FIX_XMPDASH}' " \
-r "cat > /var/tmp/out.txt && sort -n /var/tmp/out.txt | mput /$MANTA_USER/public/images/getty-open/onelinertest.txt"
# The resulting file has escaped characters which still need to be changed with sed
# This part pulls the fille from Manta, fixes the escaped characters in it, and puts it back into place
mget /$MANTA_USER/public/images/getty-open/onelinertest.txt > onelinertest.txt
cat onelinertest.txt | sed -e "${DBLQUOTE}" -e "${QUOTE}" -e "${AMPERSAND}" | \
tee onelinerfix.txt | mput /$MANTA_USER/public/images/getty-open/130812_GettyOpen_descriptions.txt
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