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Open source implementation for Apple's Combine
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Open-source implementation of Apple's Combine for processing values over time.

Though CombineX have implemented all the Combine interface, the project is still in early development and not ready for production.

What is Combine

Customize handling of asynchronous events by combining event-processing operators. -- Apple

Combine is a Functional Reactive Programming (FRP) framework launched by Apple at WWDC 2019. It will definitely be the cornerstone of Swift programming in the foreseeable future.

Get Started


  • Swift 5.0 (Xcode 10.2)


Swift Package Manager (Recommended)

    .package(url: "", from: "0.1.0")


pod 'CombineX', "~> 0.1.0"


github "cx-org/CombineX" ~> 0.1.0

Some features are not available with specific PM.

Swift PM CocoaPods Carthage
CXShim Yes No No
ObserableObject Yes No No

Related Projects

These libraries bring additional functionality to Combine. They are all Combine Compatible Package and you're free to switch underlying Combine implementation between CombineX and Apple's Combine.

  • CXCocoa: provides Combine extensions to Cocoa, such as KVO+Publisher, Method Interception, UIBinding, Delegate Proxy, etc.
  • CXExtensions: provides a collection of useful extensions for Combine, such as IgnoreError, DelayedAutoCancellable, etc.
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