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What is it?

Strongdb is a gdb plugin that is written in Python, to help with debugging Android Native program.The main code uses gdb Python API.Welcome comments!




  • Register: Display registers
  • Assembly: Display assembly code
  • Stack: Display stack


git clone ~/strongdb
echo "source ~/strongdb/" > ~/.gdbinit

Add environment variable SGDB_SITEPACKAGES_PATH to .bashrc/.zshrc

export SGDB_SITEPACKAGES_PATH=`python -c "from distutils.sysconfig import get_python_lib; print get_python_lib()"`


vmmap - Display Memory Layout

  • vmmap : Display memory layout
  • vmmap -f : Display memory layout with a filter

color - Set Colors

  • color : Display current color settings
  • color list : Display available colors
  • color border : Set border color
  • color reg-name : Set reg names color
  • color reg-value : Set reg values color
  • color reg-value-highlight : Set reg values highlight color
  • color address : Set address color
  • color stack-data : Set stack data color
  • color code : Set assembly code color
  • color code-highlight : Set assembly code highlight color

set jnienv - Set Jnienv Address

  • set jnienv : Set $sgdb_jnienv


To use jni functions parsing feature,you should get JNIEnv address first.Andset $sgdb_jnienv = address


  • Jni functions parsing. (achieved)
  • More debuggin commands. (working)
  • Function args parsing. (working)