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CX Cloud Demo Infrastructure

The demo setup will install the infra with Kubernetes running on AWS. When the setup is up and running it can be used for the CX Cloud Demo app or any other CX Cloud related project.

Getting stated with CX Cloud Demo


  • Terraform is used for provisioning all AWS required services for running the demo application on Kubernetes.
  • Kops is used for installing Kubernetes on AWS.
  • Ansible is requred in order to automatically install the OpenVPN software on a instance provisioned.

Installation steps

There are few steps that has to be done in order to install the infrastructure. Follow the instructions from the following steps:

  1. Provision the infra.
  2. Install OpenVPN in order to access services in the private subnets on AWS.
  3. Install Kubernetes.


To Install the CI/CD pipeline, please, refer to the Jenkins repository.


SonarQube can be installed with the following commands:

kubectl apply -f kubernetes/pvc-sonar.yaml
helm install stable/sonarqube --name sonar --namespace ci -f kubernetes/sonar.yaml
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