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TITLE MinGW Compiler Suite Invocation
REM If you have MinGW on a different drive letter or installed at a custom path
REM (or just not yet installed at all), this build script may not work out of
REM the box for most Windows users. Alternatives include MinGW-w32 or trying
REM to execute the Unix shell script "" from Windows 10+ or Git Bash.
REM The following line is the only one you should ever need to change.
set MinGW=C:\MinGW
set lib=%MinGW%\lib
set bin=%MinGW%\bin
set inc=%MinGW%\include
REM set rsp=%USERPROFILE%\rsp
set rsp=%CD%
set obj=%rsp%\obj
set OBJ_LIST=^
%obj%\module.o ^
%obj%\su.o ^
%obj%\vu\vu.o ^
%obj%\vu\multiply.o ^
%obj%\vu\add.o ^
%obj%\vu\select.o ^
%obj%\vu\logical.o ^
set FLAGS_ANSI=-Wall -pedantic^
set FLAGS_x86=-Wall -pedantic^
set C_FLAGS=%FLAGS_x86%
if not exist obj (
mkdir obj
cd obj
mkdir vu
cd /D %bin%
ECHO Compiling C source code...
gcc -Os -S %C_FLAGS% -o %obj%\module.asm %rsp%\module.c
gcc -O3 -S %C_FLAGS% -o %obj%\su.asm %rsp%\su.c
gcc -O3 -S %C_FLAGS% -o %obj%\vu\vu.asm %rsp%\vu\vu.c
gcc -O3 -S %C_FLAGS% -o %obj%\vu\multiply.asm %rsp%\vu\multiply.c
gcc -O3 -S %C_FLAGS% -o %obj%\vu\add.asm %rsp%\vu\add.c
gcc -O3 -S %C_FLAGS% -o %obj%\vu\select.asm %rsp%\vu\select.c
gcc -O3 -S %C_FLAGS% -o %obj%\vu\logical.asm %rsp%\vu\logical.c
gcc -O2 -S %C_FLAGS% -o %obj%\vu\divide.asm %rsp%\vu\divide.c
ECHO Assembling compiled sources...
as -o %obj%\module.o %obj%\module.asm
as -o %obj%\su.o %obj%\su.asm
as -o %obj%\vu\vu.o %obj%\vu\vu.asm
as -o %obj%\vu\multiply.o %obj%\vu\multiply.asm
as -o %obj%\vu\add.o %obj%\vu\add.asm
as -o %obj%\vu\select.o %obj%\vu\select.asm
as -o %obj%\vu\logical.o %obj%\vu\logical.asm
as -o %obj%\vu\divide.o %obj%\vu\divide.asm
ECHO Linking assembled object files...
ld --shared -e _DllMain@12 -o %obj%\rspdebug.dll -L %lib% %OBJ_LIST% -lmsvcrt
strip -o %obj%\rsp.dll %obj%\rspdebug.dll --strip-all