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C-Dogs (SDL) Datafiles README

All graphics and included (, mission data is copyright (c) Ronny Wester.

On 2016-04-13, Ronny Wester relicensed the data files under CC-BY; edited message details:

Cong Xu I want to ask you a favour: you released C-Dogs source code as open source, which is very generous and made C-Dogs SDL possible in the first place, but you left out the campaigns and graphics. Unfortunately this means we don't have full rights to distribute everything from C-Dogs; there are a number of repos and websites we'd love to get C-Dogs SDL onto, but can't because of that. We'd have to leave out the campaigns, replace the graphics etc. Could you please pick a suitable license to open up the campaigns and graphics files? I'm sure most of the players from back then would love to replay the original campaigns! One of the "Free Culture" licenses from here would be perfect:

Ronny Wester I do not have a problem with releasing everything now, though there are two caveats: - a lot of the campaigns in the package are not mine, but were sent to me by other players (I do not recall if there was an author field or not - probably not). At the time licensing was not a mature concept so I neither applied one myself or made up rules regarding contributions sent to me. Probably not a big deal, but something to consider. - the sound effects were sampled by me, but from major motion pictures (without permission). Again, probably not a big deal - the soundbursts are small enough and the fidelity low enough that I doubt anyone would be able to make the connection (unlike eg the old fighting game "Barbarians", where I one day suddenly recognized a lot of sounds when watching "Red Sonia" - somehow I doubt they got permission either).

CX Fully opening C-Dogs will be a huge plus, I'm really glad that you're ok with it now, but which license in particular did you want to go with? CC-BY? CC-BY-SA? I can't decide this for you ;)

RW I will have a look at the licenses and pick something - entirely free with attribution is what I am aiming for, maybe CC BY-NC (feel free to have an opinion)? My concerns have mainly evaporated with time - I really doubt anyone will try and monetize it today for example. I do not kid myself that these are revolutionary pieces of code or design ;) Specifically, the code in the SDL version is surely more your effort than mine...

CX About the licensing, I can recommend CC BY or CC BY-SA. Unfortunately the NC option is problematic; it doesn't really affect me because my only plan is to release C-Dogs for free, but there are a few places like the debian repo that won't accept that license. In practice, an SA license will be better for protecting against commercial exploitation. There's some more information about it here:

RW I'll consider the license issue some more then.

RW CC-BY is fine. I think SA may be a bit too restrictive.

##Old licensing info

Thus, this data is distributed as freeware, NOT under the GPL like the source code.

NB: The sounds are ripped from various sources (Doom, Quarantine)