Google Chrome extension for saving and restoring sets of tabs, and for switching between windows and tabs from a vertical, grouped list.
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A Google Chrome extension that:

  • Gives you a vertical list of all your open tabs
  • Groups your tabs by window
  • Saves sets of tabs so you can close them and resume later
  • Backs up and restores sets of tabs

See for details of how the code is structured.


  • Click the icon to open the TabFern view. The view will also open when you start Chrome.

  • When you open windows or tabs, or rearrange windows or tabs within a particular browser window, the tree will update.

  • To mark a window to be saved, you have two choices:

    1. Give the window a name using the pencil icon (image).
    2. Hit the middle icon showing a rectangle with a red dot (image). The window will close.
  • Folder icons are:

    • Open, unsaved: a monitor (image)
    • Open, saved: a monitor with a green dot (image).
    • Closed, saved (closed unsaved aren't in the tree): a white file folder.
  • Saved windows will be saved even if you close them manually. To remove them from the tree, hit the delete icon (red X, image).

  • Windows you do not expressly save will not be saved when you exit! I am open to discussion of better ways to handle this.


  • There is only a two-level hierarchy --- tabs cannot be the children of other tabs in the tree.
  • You cannot open and close individual tabs --- you have to open and close the window as a whole.
  • Where new windows open may not always be where Chrome would open a new window. Currently, the original size/position of the last-focused or last-closed window is generally where the new window will end up.
  • Lots of others I'm not going to list right now!



Copyright (c) 2017 Chris White and contributors. CC-BY-SA 4.0 International. See for details, which are controlling in case of any difference between that file and this section.

Contributors (in alphabetical order, case-insensitive):

Originally inspired by Tabs Outliner by Vladyslav Volovyk. However, TabFern is not derived from Tabs Outliner. TabFern is not affiliated in any way with Vladyslav or Tabs Outliner.