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Welcome and thank you for stopping by to check out my configuration.

Moved to HassIO for the base OS from Raspbian



  • Lower the lights when Kodi is playing
  • Low temp notification for basement
  • Nightlight mode for ceiling lights in kitchen and hall
  • Weekly backup service call


Device Source Image Device Source Image
Raspberry PI III - running hassio <" width="200"/> Wemo mini switches
Phillips hue bulbs gen 1 & 2 Best Buy Ecobee 4 Thermostat w/Room Sensors Amazon
Google Home Hub Google Mini Various
Google Chromcast audio Walmart
Roku Mini Amazon Kodi Players


| | Floating Crystal Tower

This project was based on by DIY Perks. For mine I replaced the individual led channels with an esp8266 controller first running code for standalone wifi device now HA intergrated. The configuration for ESPHome is located in /sanitized_ESPHome/tower.yaml| Full build will be added on my .io site.

Retired Technologies

Device Reason
Wink spotter probes Stopped talking
DIRECTV receiver Cut the cord
Wink PowerPivot Genius Went offline randomly
LimitlessLED bulbs (did not want to invest in new bridge. I might pull these back out if I build the ESP8266 milight contoller project.)

Big Thanks

  • Bob_NL for his "Chromecast Radio with station and player selection". We use it everyday!
  • JamesMcCarthy79 for his layout examples. We loved the rounded corners
  • The main development team and all contributers to the project.

Thank you


My Home Assistant Config to share




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