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Commits on Apr 11, 2011
  1. cm: inc: Update defconfig

  2. @slayher
  3. @slayher
  4. @slayher

    INC: update defconfig to use Tree Preempt RCU

    slayher authored committed
  5. @slayher

    INC: update defconfig to use Classic RCU

    slayher authored committed
  6. @slayher

    INC: Raise gains for handset and speaker volumes.

    slayher authored committed
  7. @slayher

    inc: update defconfig.

    slayher authored committed
    * enable CIFS support directly in the kernel.
    * disable NFS related options.
  8. @cuviper

    inc: Remove the private tpa2018d1 driver

    cuviper authored committed
    We don't have platform data for that chip, even in HTC's kernel, so
    calling tpa2018d1_set_speaker_amp in incrediblec_speaker_enable was
    causing a lot of dmesg spam.  Kill it.
  9. @slayher

    INC: Update defconfig. We dont have the a1026

    slayher authored committed
  10. @cuviper

    inc: Update the correct USB serial number

    cuviper authored committed
    Since we're not currently using the usb_pdata in devices_htc, we were
    missing the serial_number update.  This adds our own update for that,
    which also does the rndis ethaddr generation like other boards.
  11. @cuviper

    inc: Add a few DEBUG options back to the defconfig

    cuviper authored committed
    - SCHED_DEBUG & SCHEDSTATS: useful for diagnostics, low overhead
    - TIMER_STATS: necessary for powertop, and also low overhead
    - DEBUG_INFO: useful for debugging, no runtime overhead
  12. @slayher

    inc: Update defconfig to use /vendor/firmware.

    slayher authored committed
  13. @slayher

    inc: Fix wifi sleep.

    slayher authored committed
    * Changed the wifi section of board-incrediblec-mmc.c to match more
      closely to the bravo.
  14. @slayher

    inc: Use proper microp include for the inc device.

    slayher authored committed
  15. @cuviper

    inc: Enable EXT4, and let it handle EXT2 and EXT3 too

    cuviper authored committed
  16. @cuviper

    Remove the unused msm_panel.h

    cuviper authored committed
  17. @cuviper

    Remove the unused i2c-msm.h

    cuviper authored committed
  18. @cuviper

    inc: Clean up warnings in board-incredible.c

    cuviper authored committed
    - Initialize ints with 0, NULL is for pointers.
    - Remove unreferenced functions and global structs.
  19. @cuviper

    inc: Remove unused defines from board-incrediblec.h

    cuviper authored committed
    This makes the file identical to HTC's again.
  20. @cuviper

    inc: Copy wifi setup changes from bravo

    cuviper authored committed
    - wifi_on_gpio_table now sets all as NO_PULL OUTPUT.
    - NVS flags are updated to match as well.
  21. @cuviper

    inc: Fix ioctl callbacks for newer file_operations

    cuviper authored committed
    The .unlocked_ioctl function signature no longer has an inode parameter.
    The functions we added for tpa2018d1 and smem_log don't use that one
    anyway, so it's an easy fix to just remove it.
  22. @cuviper

    inc: Use msm_mmc_platform_data directly

    cuviper authored committed
    - The mmc.h under mach-msm has the right platform struct for us, so just
      use that by the name msm_mmc_platform_data.
    - Undo the modifications to mmc_platform_data.
  23. @cuviper

    inc: Fill in /proc/engineerid properly

    cuviper authored committed
  24. @cuviper

    inc: Disable many config DEBUG flags

    cuviper authored committed
  25. @slayher

    Fix screen tearing and Hsync issues with SLCD.

    slayher authored committed
    *  Added missing Hsync stuff.
  26. @cuviper

    inc: Disable CONFIG_PERF_EVENTS

    cuviper authored committed
    We were getting a strange panic:
      Unhandled prefetch abort: breakpoint debug exception ...
    We don't need perf though, and removing perf also clears HW_BREAKPOINT,
    which lets me boot successfully.
  27. @slayher

    Changes to Attempt to get SLCD working.

    slayher authored committed
    * Updated GPIO table for sony_tft to include The display on and display off values.
    * Updated System_rev to coincide with RGB_666 values from Stock HTC source.
    * Cleaned up other un-needed code.
  28. @slayher

    Fix Camera

    slayher authored committed
  29. @slayher

    Fix Makefile Fail and UMS eMMC mounting.

    slayher authored committed
  30. @slayher

    Incrediblec: New .37 kernel based on toastcfh's repo.

    slayher authored committed
    * Includes all imported files from incrediblec source
    * Modified some files for proper includes and functions.
  31. cm: Update defconfigs

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