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A lightweight 2d game engine.
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Maven Central License: MIT Build Status

Quality Gate Status cyan_potion_base

Quality Gate Status cyan_potion_coordinate

Quality Gate Status cyan_potion_rpg_module

A lightweight 2d game engine in java.


After a long period of hesitation, I managed to convince myself to open source most parts of it, yes, even MIT instead of GNU.

This engine is built on the several principles:

1. completing 2d games in java.
2. prefer more programmers friendly, not artists friendly.
3. high freedom + high expandability.
4. be crazy.

Current state

It is still in the process of development, and many places are incomplete.

Many codes related to animation/display have not been completed yet.

The event system is also very rudimentary.

And no much materials for the inner logic for now.


Here is the demo.

(The demo is actually for cyan_potion_rpg_module, but I guess this counts.)


You can also take a look at this.


Also, if there be people who want to contribute codes/ideas/suggestions, feel free to do so.

Please also notice that if I receive your pull request, you will be put in the authors list.

If you want to be put in the licenses folder also, please notice that we accept only MIT license for your pull request.

Add the MIT license to your code piece and put it into into license folder, and write description about it.

Special Thanks

Java ProfilerJava profiler Thanks ej-technologies for providing such a wonderful performance analysing tool.

Thanks for reading this


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