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Watson APIs

1. Conversation

  • Conversations

Quickly build and deploy chatbots and virtual agents across a variety of channels, including mobile devices, messaging platforms, and even robots.

  • Virtual Agent

Build a chatbot for customer service - no machine learning experience required.

2. Discovery

  • Discovery

Rapidly build cognitive, cloud-based exploration applications that unlock actionable insights hidden in unstructured data.

  • Natural Language Understanding

Analyze text to extract meta-data from content such as concepts, entities, keywords and more.

  • Discovery News

Infuse dynamic news content into every app you build.

  • Knowledge Studio

Teach Watson to discover meaningful insights in unstructured text without writing any code.

  • Document Conversion

Convert documents into multiple languages and file types that Watson can understand.

3. Vision

  • Visual Recognition

Tag, classify and search visual content using machine learning.

4. Speech

  • Speech to Text

Convert audio and voice into written text for quick understanding of content.

  • Text to Speech

Convert written text into natural sounding audio in a variety of languages and voices.

5. Language

  • Language Translator

Translate text from one language to another.

  • Natural Language Classifier

Translate text from one language to another.

  • Retrieve and Rank

Surface the most relevant information from a collection of documents.

6. Empathy

  • Personality Insights

Predict personality characteristics, needs and values through written text.

  • Tone Analyzer

Understand emotions, social tendencies and perceived writing style.

Bluemix the platform

like AWS and Azure, it contains services like Watson APi and lots more.

API content:

Watson Idea Sample

IBM bluemix general doc

Watson Assistant Doc

More Watson Sample projects:


How to deploy NodeJS app

For deploying your solution to bluemix (NodeJS) Recommended: No need due to short time and no added value. But if you insist : Deploying in NodeJS using Cloudfoundry

Other environment:

Language Framework:

If you have never coded, using NodeRED may be a quick solution:

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