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Cyber-Dojo can be installed on any kubernetes cluster. This project contains installation scripts and instructions.


  • bash
  • Kubernetes 1.15+
  • or Minikube 1.11+ with virtual-box driver and enabled ingress addon
  • Helm V3 installed

Getting started

(optional) Prepare local minikube instance

 minikube start --driver=virtualbox
 minikube addons enable ingress

(optional) Reserve a static IP address, a domain and install a certificate manager providing let's encrypt certificates on your Kubernates cluster

  • If you do not have registered a domain yet, you get one for free e.g. at
  • After reserving a static IP address configure your DNS records
  • Use cert-manager-nginx-controller-installer to configure your cluster as follows:
 cd cert-manager-nginx-controller-installer
# Put your registered domain and your valid e-mail address into the "env" file

# Select your cluster as kubectl context, e.g. for cluster named cluster-1
 kubectl config use-context cluster-1

# Run the script installing the cert-manager and the nginx-controller and registering the let's encrypt configuration

Package and run installation script

# Enter directory ./packager
 cd ./packager

# run
# An optional argument <sha> represents a valid commit of
# If no argument is given, the latest version from the master branch is used.

# Enter directory packager/installer created by running script
 cd ./installer

# Edit yml configuration files in the created installer directory in any text editor,
# There is additional information directly in the files.

# Run the script installing the cyber-dojo containers: