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JSON in, JSON out

  • All methods receive a json hash.
    • The hash contains any method arguments as key-value pairs.
  • All methods return a json hash.
    • If the method completes, a key equals the method's name.
    • If the method raises an exception, a key equals "exception".

GET colour(image_name,id,stdout,stderr,status)

  • returns the traffic-light colour "red", "amber", or "green", by passing the stdout, stderr, status strings to a Ruby lambda, read from image_name, at /usr/local/bin/red_amber_green.rb.

    • stdout is a String
    • stderr is a String
    • status is an Integer
    • If this file does not exist in image_name, the colour is "amber".
    • If eval'ing the lambda raises an exception, the colour is "amber".
    • If calling the lambda raises an exception, the colour is "amber".
    • If calling the lambda returns anything other than :red, :amber, or :green, the colour is "amber".
    • eg
      $ docker run --rm cyberdojofoundation/gcc_assert bash -c 'cat /usr/local/bin/red_amber_green.rb'
      lambda { |stdout, stderr, status|
        output = stdout + stderr
        return :green if status == 0
        return :red   if /(.*)Assertion(.*)failed/.match(output)
        return :amber
  • parameters, eg

  {        "image_name": "cyberdojofoundation/gcc_assert",
                   "id": "15B9zD",
               "stdout": "...",
               "stderr": "...",
               "status": 3,

GET ready?

  • returns true if the service is ready, otherwise false, eg
    { "ready?": true }
    { "ready?": false }
  • parameters, none

GET sha

  • returns the git commit sha used to create the docker image, eg
    { "sha": "b28b3e13c0778fe409a50d23628f631f87920ce5" }
  • parameters, none
    {} home page

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