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Run Julia in the browser
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JuliaBox is hosted online at Join our Mailing List.

Our goal is to provide the best Julia experience we can. We want to make it easy for Julia users to run Julia anywhere without too much fuss. Use Julia through the browser, access lots of processors and memory, suck in data from anywhere, and have it always accessible through any device you use so long as it has a browser.

The only constraint is imagination (and server cost).


  • Run interactive sessions
    • Run IJulia notebooks.
    • A bash session is also started in the container, which can be used to run the Julia REPL.
    • Run HTTP/WebSocket/Escher applications in the container and access them over the browser.
    • File transfer facility into a session's container.
    • File synchronization with Google Drive.
    • Clone Github repositories.
    • Login via Google authentication. Submit a PR for more auth methods!
  • Expose Julia packages & functions as REST APIs using JuliaWebAPI
    • Scale with requests.
  • Sandboxed Docker containers.
  • Basic admin screen to delete old and inactive sessions.
  • Auto cleanup of sessions and API servers based on inactivity.
  • Ability to limit CPU, memory, and disk space for user sessions and APIs.
  • Extensible with plugins.


For convenience, the installation process is captured in 3 installation scripts

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