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January 2015

First public release. Not intended for production service

  • Users

    • Transfer files from user machines to HPC centres or other destinations
    • Automatically detect and retrieve results from computations
    • Pre-configured destinations; user only has to select destinations for their folder and add their credentials
    • Supports ssh key authentication for destinations
    • Token-based authentication
    • Failed transfers are restartable
  • Admins

    • Install Active Folders software on machines co-located with users and/or compute resources
    • Users’ files are transferred to their DTN then to the DTN of their destination and finally to the destination
    • DTNs can be part of a DMZ such that their WAN transfers aren’t impeded by enterprise firewalls
    • Can configure list of available DTNs and destinations
  • Developers

    • Modular transport system makes it easy to add support for additional protocols other than the default GridFTP and rsync
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