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CyberArk, the undisputed leader in Privileged Account Security, secures secrets used by machines and users to protect traditional and cloud-native apps.


  1. conjur Public

    CyberArk Conjur automatically secures secrets used by privileged users and machine identities

    Ruby 644 121

  2. summon Public

    CLI that provides on-demand secrets access for common DevOps tools

    Go 667 62

  3. Helm chart for deploying Conjur OSS to Kubernetes

    Shell 22 17

  4. ACLight Public

    A script for advanced discovery of Privileged Accounts - includes Shadow Admins

    PowerShell 712 148

  5. Secure your apps by making them Secretless

    Go 223 42

  6. KubiScan Public

    A tool to scan Kubernetes cluster for risky permissions

    Python 1.1k 120


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