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Core Plugins

Name Description Command
Clock A Digital clock using Green Shoes for GUI. jared clock
Configure Jareds configuration GUI. jared config
Create Creates file templates. jared create [file/folder/dir/directory] filename.html
Daemon jared daemon
Date Displays current date in console. jared date
Greeter Time aware (dynamic) greeter. jared greet
Jamendo Plays music from Jamendo Radios using Gstreamer. WIP jared jamendo
Mail Gmail mail checker. jared mail
Map Google Maps launcher. jared map "United states capital"
Player Plays videos or music, works only on Windows. - WIP jared play "filename or url"
Stock Displays requested stock data. jared stock DCT [high/low/open/close/last]
Tasks Manage your tasks. jared tasks
Weather Get configured weather information. jared weather
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