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Google Forms Exporter

Convert any Google Form to an HTML form

Live @

Developers area

The project has 2 parts:

  • backend
  • frontend

Building the backend

you'll need go and gb

run gb vendor restore to install all the dependencies, then gb build to build the backend (output to ./bin folder).

Building the frontend

you'll need node, bower and npm.

run npm install, bower install then ./node_modules/.bin/gulp to build the frontend

Run on localhost

  • Change the server address in app/scripts/config.js to http://localhost:8000
  • Build the backend, build the frontend, then run ./bin/formdress -d ./docs.
  • Point your browser to http://localhost:8000

Using as tool

You can also use the ./bin/formdress command as a local tool to export Google Forms as json objects. Just type: ./bin/formdress -f [YOUR_GOOGLE_FORM_URL]

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