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Response Changelog
Version 1.1.18 (08-16-12)
-Updated read me.
-Wp title fix.
-Meta tag language dynamic.
Version 1.1.17 (08-13-12)
-Theme check clean up.
-Favicon support (off by default).
-Sidebar fix for Chrome.
Version 1.1.16 (07-25-12)
-Apple-touch icon.
-Upgrade bar adjustments.
Version 1.1.14 (07-17-12)
-Upgrade bar.
Version 1.1.13 (07-06-12)
- Footer.php fix.
Version 1.1.12 (07-06-12)
- Twitter embed fix.
- Sticky footer push div.
Version 1.1.11 (07-02-12)
- Sticky footer CSS fix.
Version 1.1.10 (06-28-12)
- Sidebar blowout issue fixed.
Version 1.1.9 (06-22-12)
- Fixed the validation issue with read more link.
Version 1.1.8 (06-15-12)
-Replaced wp_theme_data() (deprecated) with wp_get_theme() in opt-in PressTrends function, backwards compatible with 3.3 and below.
Version 1.1.7 (06-11-12)
-3.4 support for Custom Background (backwards compatible with 3.3 and below).
Version 1.1.6 (06-06-12)
-Added Czech language files.
-Responsive fix for sidebar.
-Responsive fix for searchbar.
-Updated $content_width to 640.
Version 1.1.5 (05-30-12)
-Added Hindi language files.
-Fixed some code in comments-actions.php.
-Several responsive design adjustments in the header.
Version 1.1.4 (05-24-12)
-Added Danish language files.
-Added Catalan language files.
-Added function to update RSS link in HTML 'head' with custom feed.
Version 1.1.3 (05-17-12)
-Added option for responsive embeded videos (Youtube/Vimeo).
-Added Polish language files.
-Fixed broken Custom Header Element.
Version 1.1.2 (05-10-12)
-Added Spanish, Italian, Turkish and Persian language files.
-Updated Croatian and Swedish translation files.
-Updated response.pot
-Fixed/added missing translation wrappers to post pagination function.
Version 1.1.1 (05-03-12)
-JS fix for banner url not hiding when option not enabled.
-Mobile Menu now works in phone landscape mode.
-Fixed bug with broken "next" link in pagination.
-Option to crop featured images.
-Added missing translation wrapper to post pagination links.
-Added Swedish and Russian language files.
Version 1.1 (04-26-12)
-Added Pinterest social icon.
-Added missing tags hook to archive template.
-Added missing $content_width global to theme setup function.
-Updated pagination function with missing translation functions.
-Updated response.pot.
Version 1.0.9 (04-17-12)
-Removed ereg_replace from Google Font code for PHP 5.3 compatibility.
-Removed several unneccessary options from theme options.
-Removed some unused translation functions.
Version 1.0.8 (04-10-12)
-Added Hebrew translation files.
-Removed some unecessary translations from several po files.
-Regenerated mo files for updated po files.
-Re-added IE Quirks fix.
Version 1.0.7 (04-03-12)
-Unidentified index error fix for meta box code.
-Changed <!--more--> link text to "Read more…" when the_content() is used.
-Added French and Romanian translation files.
-Removed height: auto from objects in responsive style sheet.
-Fixed bug with archive of an empty category.
-Adjusted "viewport" initial scale for full-width mobile device view.
-Removed unnecessary color stylesheet call.
Version 1.0.6 (03-22-12)
-Added opt-in PressTrends option.
-Updated response.pot.
-Added Croatian language files.
-Post pagination CSS fix.
Version 1.0.5 (03-14-12)
-Removed PressTrends function.
-Conditional to stop breadcrumb links from appearing on attachment pages.
-Removed some unnecessary images.
-Additional code and script cleanup.
-Updated HTML comment wrappers around hooks.
-Updated some theme images/copy.
Version 1.0.4 (03-07-12)
-Responsive design tweak.
-Fixed Google Font library call for SSL support.
-Added browser specific HTML classes for IE.
-Added Banner Element URL option.
-Removed some unnecessary code.
-HTML table fix for calendar widget.
Version 1.0.3 (03-04-12)
-Fixed bug related to IE quirks mode.
-Adjusted doctype.
-CSS tweaks.
-Moved breadcrumbs below content.
-Fixed typo in theme options.
-Fixed page titles not showing up by default.
-Added next/previous image pagination for attachments.
Version 1.0.2 (02-27-12)
-Margin fix for HTML tables.
-Removed several options.
-Updated Foundation CSS.
Version 1.0.1 (02-24-12)
-Initial release.
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