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The consensus computer driven database framework

Current state: 0.1 Euler Chaingear's release for EVM with paper.

Ethereum Token ERC721

Try EVM's Chaingear rigth now!

Chaingear Dapp (Mainnet, Kovan, Rinkeby) accessible directly from IPFS: QmQmQKkPFqLS4iNiicvAqx6aJtRpYookK8iEZjojcfEqib

Note: Best option to use CYB web3 browser with .chaingear dapp, all contracts code verified with Etherscan.


Chaingear - The consensus computer driven database framework

Principles of Chaingear

Chaingear is a set of smart contracts which operating in consensus computer with following principles:

  1. Databases creates by user createDatabase call for Chaingear witch mints database-linked NFT token for user and deploys database with support of CRUD+TF operations. Token controls adminship of database.
  2. Admin initializes database with given table/tables data schema.
  3. Database admin may set user permissions for entry creation and fee for adding.
  4. Each entry in database linked to NFT token (primary key) which grants a set of rights for token-entry operation as UPDATE/DELETE and TRANSFER/FUND.
  5. Chaingear for given platform acts as Consensus Computer Driven Database as a Service
  6. Application specific business logic should be available to operate on top of database/databases.

Chaingear on EVM, 0.1 Euler PoC


  • Chaingear is database of database which allow deploy new databases from there and creates an associated token for adminship.
  • Chaingear allow deploys different types of databases with defined functionality with connects with databases builders.
  • Database Builder is a fabric of databases of given type.
  • Databases may have their unique code base as an extension to the basic database.
  • Database-token may be transferred, sold/traded alongside with their right adminship.
  • Chaingear have fees for database creation.
  • Chaingear have benefitiaries which may claim collected fees proportional to their shares.


  • A database is a smart contract which defines NFT tokens linked to entries. User creates database with given name and token symbol for entries.
  • After deploy database admin initializes database with data schema table/tables and this allows them or/and other users to create a systematic collection of data, where rights to operations with entry defined by entry-token ownership.
  • Entries data lives in Schema contract.
  • Each entry may be publicly funded, an entry-token owner may claim collected funds.
  • Database admin may set policy for entry creation: {OnlyAdmin, Whitelist, AllUsers} and fee for the entry-token creation and next claim fees.
  • Also admin may set multiple database's beneficiaries which may claim collected fees proportional to their shares.

Chaingear UI (web3 DApp for EVM's Chaingear)

  1. Web3/Metamask/Truffle/IPFS based
  2. Full Chaingear control interface
  3. Full custom Database control interface
  4. Schema smart-contract code generation on client
  5. Database ABI saves in IPFS

Contracts Overview

Configuring and deploying

General Chaingear/Database pipeline


web3 Application


chaingear-general database-token


database-admin entry-token

Database Deploy and Schema designer

database schema-gen

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Originally created by cyber•Congress


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