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If we want to live in a better world, we need to help our communities be happy and sustainable. Learn how to to help each other with best practices from open source communities that exist for decades, share our expertise in consensus technology and market gameplay, do events, projects, experiments, funding and random acts of good will to change the world to be a better place than we've found it.

We welcome all people, and most passionate if you believe that blockchain is changing the world, that free and open source technologies need to supported, that economics need alternative gameplay rulesets to support our real and virtual infrastructure.


As an opensource development team we want to use service with our projects. Here we propose processes of gitcoin using.

BP diagramm

Every sprint we allocate amount of ETH and distribute it for a team to active using gitcoin.

For our first attempt of using this service we distribute 1 ETH for each member.

At the next sprints we want to forecasting general amount of ETH what we want to distribute. Also we'll calculate weighting factors in dependence with issues what prepared to gitcoin push.



  • Em it's ETH per team member to gitcoin push ;
  • Ipr it's issues prepared by member at current sprint to gitcoin push ;
  • Iall it's all issues prepared to gitcoin at current sprint ;
  • Eall it's ETH for team to gitcoin using.

This is not the final decision. We're stay growing. We'll planned use smart contracts to cover and automate "Gitcoin fund".