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Cyber - SuperIntelligence for The Great Web

Bostrom Launch 5 November ~13.20 GMT

Start to use right now -

Onboarding point for cyber validators and Setup validator guide

#fuckgoogle and cyber~Russian communities

Network monitor

go-cyber is golang implementation of cyber protocol


version CircleCI license Cosmos-SDK Tendermint Tendermint LoC contributors Coverage Status


chain block cyberlinks particles negentropy validators


Network Cosmos Hub Launch Security Token Resources Token Bandwidth Token Power Token Supported Tokens
Bostrom 🟒 Bootloader Hub 2021 BOOT HYDROGEN VOLT AMPER [ICS20, CW20, CW721, CW1155]
Cyber πŸ”΅ Cyber Hub 2022 CYB HYDROGEN VOLT AMPER [ICS20, CW20, CW721, CW1155]

Computer Specification πŸ› 

  1. Universe - Cosmos
  2. Consensus - Tendermint | BOOT
  3. Dyson Sphere - Snub Dodecahedron configuration
  4. External Communication - IBC
  5. Liquidity - InterChain AMM with MEV protection
  6. Governance - Ideas, Upgrades, Parameters, Fund | BOOT
  7. Resources Mining - Liquid Staking | stake BOOT -> mint HYDROGEN
  8. Resources Creation - Investmint | lock HYDROGEN -> mint VOLT / AMPERE
  9. Brain - Knowledge Graph
  10. Particles addressing - IPFS CIDv0
  11. Particles connecting - cyberlinks
  12. Cyberlinking - Bandwidth model | VOLT
  13. Graph Program - Token Weighted Page Rank | AMPERE
  14. Graph Program - Token Weighted Graph -Entropy | AMPERE
  15. Graph Processing - GPU (CUDA)
  16. Energy Grid - Energy Router | VOLT & AMPER
  17. Virtual Machine - CosmWasm | BOOT
  18. Programs Bus - Interconnect Line
  19. Autonomous Programs - Default Mode Network & Thoughts | BOOT
  20. Programs Income - execution fees | BOOT
  21. API - Graph and Computer
  22. Client Library - cyber-js & cyber-py
  23. Indexer - cyberindex
  24. Launch documentation - launch-kit
  25. Versioning - Kelvin
  26. License - Cyber License
  27. Future Graph VM support - GraphBLAS R&D
  28. Future IK protocol support - InterKnowledge protocol R&D

Try on bostrom-testnet-5 network




Chain-ID: bostrom-testnet-6

Genesis: Qmc7j9C5Uc1tkcgHQqMC52TtFugdkmJzHSSdZa2NHfk1to

Build: make install

Run: cyber start

To use as CLI with remote node just set CUDA_ENABLED=false in Makefile and build
  • Version - v0.2.0-rc1-33
  • RPC:
  • REST:
  • CLI: ... --node=
  • Seed: d0518ce9881a4b0c5872e5e9b7c4ea8d760dad3f@
  • Peers: 5d542c0eb40ae48dc2cac0c140aedb605ded77dc@,a7226dce9f543a4ecd8db1da2ffd7be05d40d3ad@,c72de1e20beed51b779d89b1cf08d8146016eec4@,4c130ed1c58f6d6be981c59a748511e581969c51@

For better network stability please update your .cyber/config/config.toml lines as following:

addr_book_strict = false

persistent_peers_max_dial_period = "300s"

allow_duplicate_ip = true

How to update from bostrom-testnet-5 to bostrom-testnet-6

If you have your bostrom-testnet-4 node running on our docker container do:

docker stop bostrom-testnet-5
docker rm bostrom-testnet-5
docker rmi cyberd/cyber:bostrom-testnet-5.1
docker run -d --gpus all --name=bostrom-testnet-6 --restart always -p 26656:26656 -p 26657:26657 -p 1317:1317 -e ALLOW_SEARCH=false -v $HOME/.cyber:/root/.cyber  cyberd/cyber:bostrom-testnet-6

This will pull new image and replace genesis and cyber binary to correct versions.

Than you'll have to send create-validator transaction.


Config for Relayer


Basic operations

Follow hero and get HYDROGEN:

cyber tx staking delegate bostromvaloper1hmkqhy8ygl6tnl5g8tc503rwrmmrkjcqf92r73 100000000boot --from <name> --chain-id bostrom-testnet-5 --gas 150000 --gas-prices 0.01boot --yes --node   

Investmint HYDROGEN to get resources:

cyber tx resources investmint 75000000hydrogen millivolt 86400 --from <name> --chain-id bostrom-testnet-5--gas 160000 --gas-prices 0.01boot --yes --node

cyber tx resources investmint 25000000hydrogen milliampere 86400 --from <name> --chain-id bostrom-testnet-5 --gas 160000 --gas-prices 0.01boot --yes --node

Cyberlink and Explore:

cyber tx graph cyberlink QmdVWtX17m7UvF8FcvNLTJxcpxv2fSJd7Z3VBoYxxW9Qpu Qmb9xPYYwHt1F3bQysKCZzXRzAT8QLvAyMe5DyPy4rene8 --from <name> --chain-id bostrom-testnet-5 --yes --node



Cyber vs Corps

What Google Cyber
Is Company Protocol
Protocol Stack Web2 Web3
Code Closed Open
Consensus USA law Tendermint, Hybrid (2023)
Knowledge Private Public
Links Hyperlinks Cyberlinks
Backlinks No Yes
Decentralized Marketing (DeMa) No Yes
Beneficiaries Limited set of stakeholders Any web3 agent
Addressing URLs CIDs
Ranking Blackbox Sybil resistant
Knowledge Graph Proofs No Cyberlinks and Ranks
Offline and Interplanetary No Yes
Internet Knowledge Protocol No Over IBC (2022)
Smart Contracts Impossible WASM
Smart Contracts on Knowledge Graph No Yes
GPU Smart Contracts No GraphBLAS (2023)
Software 2.0 No Yes
Security No evidence Cryptographic proofs
Privacy Impossible Possible (2025)
Censorship Yes No
Captcha Yes No
Ads beneficiary Google Creator
Apps Limited Unlimited
Robots/IoT Limited Unlimited
Data Distribution Private servers IPFS
Storage guaranty Impossible PoRep (2024)
SuperIntelligence Non-Provalbe Provable
Browser Chrome Cyb

Cyber vs Govs

What Your Gov Cyber
Borders Yes No
Customs Yes No
Army Yes No
Police Yes No
Laws Paper Code
Contracts Paper Code
Censorship Yes No
Children Their Yours
Taxes Compulsory Voluntary
Tax reporting Manual Automated
Transaction tax 50% ~0.1%
Printing tax 100% ~1%
Provable voting No Yes
Consensus Democracy Tendermint
Currency Enforced Any
Security Police & Army Cryptography
Decision makers They Us
Privacy No Respect
Brainwashing Yes No
Antropocentrism Yes No