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Awesome launch tool-kit for cosmos-sdk and tendermint based projects
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Launch kit

An awesome must-have toolkit and a protocol for the Genesis launch

Launch protocol


  • Lifetime rewards tool
  • Load rewards tool
  • Staking rewards tool
  • Relevance rewards tool
  • ETH to Cyber converter
  • Cosmos to Cyber converter
  • ETH gift distributor
  • Cosmos gift distributor
  • Urbit gift distributor
  • Genesis generator

The workflow

Chain params

The chain paramas available at params README

Distribution params

(Please see explanatory notes below the table)

Parameters euler-5 cyber Notes
Distribution params
Foundation contract address ? ? ?
Foundation token GOL THC ERC20 token in Aragon DAO
Distr to ETH Game of Thrones 100 TGOL 100 TTHC Distribution of gov. tokens for Game of Thrones auction to the ETH community
Auction distr 500 TGOL 500 TTHC Amount of gov. tokens allocated to the auction
cyber~Congress distr 97 TGOL 97 TTHC Amont of gov. tokens allocated to cyber~Congress (inventors, team)
Chain token EUL CYB Chain liquid token
Cosmos gift 10 TEUL 10 TCYB Chain token gift to the Cosmos community. Each address on block 1110000 entitlted to a gift according to distribution
Ethereum gift 90 TEUL 90 TCYB Chain token gift to the Ethereum community. 99.7% of addresses on block 8080808 are entitiled to a gift according to distribution
Validators euler-4 rewards 2.7 TEUL 2.7 TCYB For validating during euler-4. Calculated per lifetime
Community pool 0.3 TEUL 0.3 TCYB Amount of tokens in the community pool at the start
Takeoff funding 60 TEUL 60 TCYB Tokens allocated to takeoff funding
Game of Links rewards 25 TEUL 25 TCYB Tokens allocated for Game of Links rewards
Community pool, GoL bounty 5 TEUL 5 TCYB ?
Full validator set extra rewards 10 TEUL 10 TCYB Extara reward to validators if the set of active validators will reach 146 and will last for a period of 10,000 blocks
Cosmos Game of Thrones 100 TEUL 100 TCYB Chain tokens
SUM 1000 TEUL 1000 TCYB
Takeoff funding params
Cosmos multisig address ? - Congress multisig address for atoms funding
Desired Atom funding 600,000 - The maximum amounts of desired ATOMs for funding
Distribution function* 0.000740464x^3 - 666.418x^2 + 233280000x + 0.000343014 -
Discount function* -0.00005x + 30 -
Open funding by proposal - The community will decide when funding will begin
Max. funding duration 90 days - Funding duration if 600,000 ATOMs will not be donated
Auction contract params
Contract address ? ? Contract address with allocated tokens
Open time with euler-5 launch with cyber launch The time of start of round 0 of the auction
Created on first day 100 TGOL 100 TTHC Amount of tokens allocated to round 0
Starting time open_time + 240h open_time + 504h The time of start of round 1
Number of rounds 49 + 1 499 + 1 Round zero + daily rounds
Created per day 8.16326531 TGOL 0.80160321 TTHC Amount of tokens allocated to each daily round

* - the x the is amount of ATOMs funded for the current moment
\ - distr. = distribution | gov. = governance
\ - Foundation token refers to the Aragon entity that is in charge of the donated ETH as per the protocol White paper. The Aragon DAO is responsible for on-chain governance. Please see out paper for more information
\ - Chain token refers to the main token of the cyber protocol. It is used for staking, bandwith and for ranking. Please see protocol paper for more inforamtion.

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