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Shenti Blockchain Security Threat Intelligence Tool
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Blockchain Security Toolset

A tool that pulls relevant blockchain information from IBM's X-Force Threat Intelligence & AlienVault's OpenThreatExchange API. Built upon the Open Threat Exchange Python SDK at

  • Main script is ''
  • Required dependencies (install using pip):
    • pandas
    • gspread
    • oauth2client

Notes on the Open Threat Exchange API

  • OTX reports on and receives threat data in the form of pulses.

  • a pulse consists of 1+ indicator of compromise (IOC) that constitute a threat or sequence of actions that could be used to carry out attacks on network devices/computers.

  • pulses also provide information on the reliability of the threat info, who reported the threat, and other details of threat investigations

  • OTX provides the 'DirectConnect SDK' for Python:

    • install with pip install OTXv2
  • link to user guide for OTX:

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