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from django.core.files.base import ContentFile
from django.utils.encoding import smart_str
from pipeline.conf import settings
from pipeline.compilers import Compiler
from pipeline.compressors import Compressor
from pipeline.glob import glob
from pipeline.signals import css_compressed, js_compressed
from import default_storage
class Package(object):
def __init__(self, config):
self.config = config
self._sources = []
def sources(self):
if not self._sources:
paths = []
for pattern in self.config.get('source_filenames', []):
for path in glob(pattern):
if not path in paths:
self._sources = paths
return self._sources
def paths(self):
return [path for path in self.sources
if not path.endswith(settings.PIPELINE_TEMPLATE_EXT)]
def templates(self):
return [path for path in self.sources
if path.endswith(settings.PIPELINE_TEMPLATE_EXT)]
def output_filename(self):
return self.config.get('output_filename')
def extra_context(self):
return self.config.get('extra_context', {})
def template_name(self):
return self.config.get('template_name')
def variant(self):
return self.config.get('variant')
def manifest(self):
return self.config.get('manifest', True)
class Packager(object):
def __init__(self, storage=default_storage, verbose=False, css_packages=None, js_packages=None): = storage
self.verbose = verbose
self.compressor = Compressor(storage=storage, verbose=verbose)
self.compiler = Compiler(verbose=verbose)
if css_packages is None:
css_packages = settings.PIPELINE_CSS
if js_packages is None:
js_packages = settings.PIPELINE_JS
self.packages = {
'css': self.create_packages(css_packages),
'js': self.create_packages(js_packages),
def package_for(self, kind, package_name):
return self.packages[kind][package_name]
except KeyError:
raise PackageNotFound(
"No corresponding package for %s package name : %s" % (
kind, package_name
def individual_url(self, filename):
def pack_stylesheets(self, package, **kwargs):
return self.pack(package, self.compressor.compress_css, css_compressed,
variant=package.variant, **kwargs)
def compile(self, paths, force=False):
return self.compiler.compile(paths, force=force)
def pack(self, package, compress, signal, **kwargs):
output_filename = package.output_filename
if self.verbose:
print "Saving: %s" % output_filename
paths = self.compile(package.paths, force=True)
content = compress(paths, **kwargs)
self.save_file(output_filename, content)
signal.send(sender=self, package=package, **kwargs)
return output_filename
def pack_javascripts(self, package, **kwargs):
return self.pack(package, self.compressor.compress_js, js_compressed, templates=package.templates, **kwargs)
def pack_templates(self, package):
return self.compressor.compile_templates(package.templates)
def save_file(self, path, content):
return, ContentFile(smart_str(content)))
def create_packages(self, config):
packages = {}
if not config:
return packages
for name in config:
packages[name] = Package(config[name])
return packages
class PackageNotFound(Exception):
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