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Geo libraries for Heroku
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schneems and cyberdelia Don’t write to .bundle/config (#49)
Instead or writing to .bundle/config we can instead us the environment variable interface present to define bundler config vars. I wrote about this more here:

This should provide the same behavior as before. 

I did notice one issue with the current implementation and that is the values in .bundle/config that are written are the tmp dir paths from build time and not the paths to /app for runtime, though I don’t think it matters, it can’t hurt to fix it.
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bin Don’t write to .bundle/config (#49) Aug 17, 2018

Heroku buildpack: geo

This is a Heroku buildpack that vendors main geo/gis libraries like geos, proj and gdal.

You will use this buildpack with other major buildpack such as Ruby buildpack.


Example usage:

$ heroku buildpacks:set
$ heroku buildpacks:add heroku/ruby

Run heroku buildpacks to make sure that heroku-geo-buildpack is added before the language buildpacks.

$ heroku buildpacks
=== sushi Buildpack URLs
2. heroku/ruby


For Geo Django:

>>> from django.contrib.gis import gdal
>>> gdal.HAS_GDAL

For rgeo:

>>> require 'rgeo'
>>> RGeo::CoordSys::Proj4.supported?
=> true
>>> RGeo::Geos.supported?
=> true
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