Some basic shaders for a talk on getting started with shaders in Unity
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A Unity scene and some shaders for a talk on getting started with shaders in Unity

The talk will break down shader basics, and then we'll write two shaders ourselves - a vert/frag shader with a very simple lighting model and a texture, and a rim light surface shader that can animate and pulsate. You can get the slides from the talk at

There are already two objects in the scene called CompletedCylinder and CompletedSphere. Select them and enable them if you want to see what the final materials with completed shaders look like. There are objects with the stub materials applied as well, also in the scene (called EmptyCylinder and EmptyRimLight).

There are two completed shaders in the project under the Assets/Shader folder - CompletedBasicShader and CompletedRimLight. Those two files are the files I'll be building during the talk. Feel free to grab them and use them as a guide or copy snippets.

If you have any questions, feel free to email me at