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  1. Egresser Public

    Client/server scripts designed to test outbound (egress) firewall rules.

    Perl 36 10

  2. A compiled Win32 portable version of Ncat 5.59BETA1 against openssl-1.0.1d

    30 11

  3. PHP framework to test User-Agents and intermediary content inspection devices for denial-of-service vulnerabilities with respect to HTTP response decompression.

    PHP 27 7

  4. Perl script to detect the existence of transparent proxies

    Perl 20 1

  5. Burp Suite Extension to convert a POST request to JSON message, moving any .NET request verification token to HTTP headers if present

    Java 9 1

  6. A server-side PHP script to manipulate HTTP Response Headers, designed to identify weaknesses in perimeter filtering devices (e.g. web proxies and next generation firewalls)

    PHP 8 2


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