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This component provides a climate device for rooted TOON thermostats.
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TOON Climate Component

This is a Custom Component for Home-Assistant ( that provides a climate device for rooted TOON thermostats.

You can read and control thermostat mode and presets, read current temperature and control the setpoint.

NOTE: This component only works with rooted TOON devices. TOON thermostats are available in The Netherlands and Belgium.

More information about rooting your TOON can be found here: Eneco TOON as Domotica controller


HACS - Recommended

  • Have HACS installed, this will allow you to easily manage and track updates.
  • Search for 'TOON Climate'.
  • Click Install below the found integration.
  • Configure using the configuration instructions below.
  • Restart Home-Assistant.


  • Copy directory custom_components/toon_climate to your <config dir>/custom_components directory.
  • Configure with config below.
  • Restart Home-Assistant.


To use this component in your installation, add the following to your configuration.yaml file:

# Example configuration.yaml entry

  - platform: toon_climate
    name: Toon Thermostat
    host: IP_ADDRESS
    port: 80
    scan_interval: 10

Configuration variables:

  • name (Optional): Name of the device. (default = 'TOON Thermostat')
  • host (Required): The IP address on which the TOON can be reached.
  • port (Optional): Port used by your TOON. (default = 80, other used port numbers can be 10080 or 7080)
  • scan_interval (Optional): Number of seconds between polls. (default = 60)


alt text

TOON with simple-thermostat in Lovelace

alt text

Using this card:

   - type: 'custom:simple-thermostat'
     entity: climate.toon_thermostat
       - preset

You can also control it with Google's assistant

alt text alt text



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