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cyberphone committed May 12, 2019
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@@ -24,15 +24,15 @@
1. The need for clear text messages is a weak argument
<div class="response">
The current IETF solution
The <i>recommended</i> use of the current IETF JSON signature solution
<a href=""
target="_blank">(JWS)</a> requires you to:
target="_blank">(JWS)</a> is that you:
Encode JSON data to be signed in Base64Url
<li style="padding-top:5pt">
Disrupt the natural structure of messages by embedding
Disrupt the natural structure of JSON messages by embedding
signed message data in specific signature containers
@@ -166,5 +166,5 @@
fully interoperable between vendors.
<div style="margin-top:30pt">Version 1.05, Anders Rundgren 2019-05-12</div>
<div style="margin-top:30pt">Version 1.06, Anders Rundgren 2019-05-12</div>

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