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This is a Facebook Canvas App that uses the Facebook Javascript SDK

Set the Canvas URL to You can use that URL for mobile web URL as well - it just runs likeometer smaller.

It assumes a php enabled server as it uses php to grab facebook app id from the apache environment, as described in the heroku VirtualHost below.

You can see more about the like-o-meter including some screenshots here.

You can try the like-o-meter on Facebook (facebook account required)

Run locally

To run a development version locally set Canvas URL to something that resolves back to your dev apache. Its not necessary but you should Set the App to "Sandbox Mode" on Facebook.

Configure Apache with a VirtualHost that points to the location of this code checkout on your system.

Copy the App ID and Secret from the Facebook app settings page into your VirtualHost config, something like:

<VirtualHost *:80>
    DocumentRoot /Users/abe/Sites/myapp
    ServerName myapp.localhost
    SetEnv FACEBOOK_APP_ID 12345
    SetEnv FACEBOOK_SECRET abcde

Restart Apache, and you should be able to visit your app at its local URL.

Deploy to Heroku via Facebook integration

The easiest way to deploy is to create an app on Facebook and click Cloud Services -> Get Started, then choose PHP from the dropdown. You can then git clone the resulting app from Heroku.

Deploy to Heroku directly

If you prefer to deploy yourself, push this code to a new Heroku app on the Cedar stack, then copy the App ID and Secret into your config vars:

heroku create --stack cedar
git push heroku master
heroku config:add FACEBOOK_APP_ID=12345 FACEBOOK_SECRET=abcde

Enter the URL for your Heroku app into the Website URL section of the Facebook app settings page, hen you can visit your app on the web.