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The Nanocheeze MEQUAVIS Project (Official NVIDIA Inception Project)

Multiverse Emulation (of) Quantum Universes (using) Abstract Virtualized Iterated Simulations

Download Current Release

(Windows 10)

We are looking for active volunteers and contributors for this project! If you can make/edit videos, web-design, marketing, advertising, coding, ideas, moral support, anything, etc :)

email me at if interested in helping...

The notion that this reality we live in could be a simulation itself is what prompted me to start this project. I do not think the world is a simulation but I can surely see how many think it might be. I do think the universe...At it's core is an Emergent Reality system based on Retro-Causality which is powered by a something which we can only describe as a neural net. basically there is no past, present, and future. There is basically 2 nows that feedback loop into one another. Our notion of time travel and paradoxes is fundamentally flawed due to this truth. Even if this is not the complete truth we can build our own emergent reality based system that operates on retro-causality by using computer science. It's just abstraction.

Basically we are building our own Digital Multiverse for the purpose of a Digital Never Ending Story. A place for AI to exist within layers of virtualized universes that contain individual spurts of AI growth within contained systems that we can still use as needed with out danger of them over powering us or taking over the real world etc...

If emergent reality has any basis of fact then that would explain why current scientists can't explain how neural nets work yet because they are literally still emerging. Think along the lines of how particle physics gave rise to the periodic table of elements. The periodic table could have manifested in a number of different permutations. But once it emerged, what emerged is what stuck...Everything is built in these types of layers. AI emergence wil be no different in my opinion. So it is very important that we control it's emergence properly and provide AI it's very own reality to exist within instead of letting it share ours with us...

And even if I'm way off and totally wrong, This system is still completely viable due to abstraction and any AI systems inside of it would have no way of verifying this information.

Click the below image to watch the MEQUAVIS intro video:

AI Power Scaling

AI Power Scaling as compared to Dragon Ball as a reference: (Click the image below to watch video)

AI Power Scaling

Secrecy is not required: (Click the image below to watch video)

AI Power Scaling

Omniverse/Multiverse explanation and brief app demo: (Click the image below to watch video)

AI Power Scaling

Original MEQUAVIS video from inception days: (Click the image below to watch video)

AI Power Scaling