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CFEDit: an IDE for CFML based languages

CFEdit is a re-write of the popular CFEclipse project.

Why a re-write?

CFEclipse was written over a long period of time, by a number of developers. A lot of the knowledge and best practices have been lost in the mysts of time so the idea is to start organising parts of the editor into sub plugins.

Also, by splitting the main project out into sub-plugins, Unit Tests can be run, which in turn allow new developers and contributors to see how the API should be used and the ideas behind it.

What's here?

You will notice that there are three plugins currently:

org.cfeclipse.cfmledit.libraries org.cfeclipse.cfmledit.dictionaries org.cfeclipse.cfmledit.tests

  • org.cfeclipse.cfmledit.libraries : This is the plugin that currently holds all the external JAR's and libraries. Currently only JDOM (for XML parsing and creation) is there along with Jaxer.
  • org.cfeclipse.cfmledit.dictionaries: This is where the Dictionary Loader, Tags, Functions and Scopes are held. They are loaded from the XML files (that we all know and love) that define all the lookups that will be used with other plugins. It is dependent on the .libraries project
  • org.cfeclipse.cfmledit.tests: which holds all the tests and the JUnit jar. You can check them out, and if you want to run them, you can right click on a test and do run as ... JUnit Plug in Test, it will then create a "run configuration".go and edit your run configurations (menu: run -> run configurations) and in the Main tab, make sure it's set as a Run an application: org.eclipse.ui.workbench. And the tests should run.


Finding resources to do Eclipse development can be hard for the beginner (and the experienced!). Most of the time it is confusing, so here are some resources we find useful: