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Hi! And welcome to the CFMLEdit WIKI.

You might ask yourself "Why are you doing this?", the answer is quite simply that in CFEClipse there is too much code. Tons of it. Oodles of it.

This pass is geared at taking that code out, breaking it up into discrete projects and adding tests.

Can I contribute?

Sure you can! Take a look at the Issues section, each ticket currently is a "Create xyz" or "Look into xyz" type of tickets since we are at the start. Grab a topic, create a plugin , write some tests and then get coding!

You can already see some tests in the org.cfeclipse.cfmledit.tests plugin.

Again, you might not know where to start?

Since we want to create a great editor, I am leaving out the views for the moment.

The current goals are:

  1. Project Navigator: create a navigator that gives you package like views of component trees. That would be good!
  2. Project Navigator: add the ability to mix it up with normal folders too, so you can see .cfm files
  3. Create a basic editor that partitions the code into COMMENT, TAG, TEXT, [VARIABLE], (and maybe) HTMLTAG (to tell them apart) This will do as a simple start really. Also, this is where Jericho will come in very handy.