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Semi-Fluid Layouts for Bootstrap


Include semi-fluid.css in your project.

Available classes


  • sm/md/lg -fixed

  • sm/md/lg -fluid

  • lt- sm/md/lg -fixed

  • lt- sm/md/lg -fluid


All fixed and fluid row classes must be used on a row (or nested row) within an element with the semi-fluid-container class. The container defults to fluid (width: 100%) but can be changed to fixed (width based on sm, md, lg default breakpoints) by adding the fixed class to the semi-fluid-container element (which will effect all rows within that container). Individual rows behavior can be changed by adding fixed (or fluid if the semi-fluid-container class element also has the fixed class) to that row (affecting all sizes) or sm/md/lg -fixed to the row (or sm/md/lg -fluid) to apply to all viewport widths equal to or above the specified breakpoint size. lt- can be prefixed to the above classes to apply fixed/fluid if the viewport is less than the specified break point.

Future Updates

A SASS version will be added later.