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# clientname: Unique name for application instance
clientname: brave_worker
# no-program-tasks: Disable executing of PROGRAM tasks
no-program-tasks: true
# - PostgreSQL Connection Credentials -
# dbname: PG config DB dbname (default: timetable)
dbname: my_database
# host: PG config DB host (default: localhost)
host: my_host
# user: PG config DB user (default: scheduler)
user: scheduler_role
# password: PG config DB password
password: very_strong_one
# pgurl: PostgreSQL connection URL (optional, will override any conflicting command line options)
pgurl: postgres://scheduler_role@my_host/my_database
# port: PG config DB port (default: 5432)
port: 5433
# sslmode:[disable|require] What SSL priority use for connection
sslmode: require
# - Logging Settings -
# log-level:[debug|info|error] Verbosity level for stdout and log file (default: info)
log-level: debug
# log-database-level:[debug|info|error] Verbosity level for database storing (default: info)
log-database-level: debug
# log-file: File name to store logs
log-file: session.log
# log-file-format:[json|text] Format of file logs (default: json)
log-file-format: text
# - Bootstrap Settings -
# debug Run in debug mode. Only asynchronous chains will be executed
debug: false
# file: SQL script file to execute during startup
file: ""
# init: Initialize database schema to the latest version and exit
init: false
# upgrade: Upgrade database to the latest version
upgrade: true
# - Resource Settings -
# cron-workers: Number of parallel workers for scheduled chains (default: 16)
cron-workers: 10
# interval-workers: Number of parallel workers for interval chains (default: 16)
interval-workers: 6
# chain-timeout: Abort any chain that takes more than the specified number of milliseconds
chain-timeout: 0
# task-timeout: Abort any task within a chain that takes more than the specified number of milliseconds
task-timeout: 0