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@pashagolub pashagolub released this 14 Oct 08:31
· 292 commits to master since this release

This release fixes the bug in database logging functionality. Please, update immediately!

Changelog πŸ”§πŸ›πŸͺ΅

[!] upgrade to Go 1.17, closes #311 b653cc4
[*] add darwin/386 and windows/386 to the ignore list for goreleaser 429edff
[*] add windows/arm64 to the ignore list for goreleaser 18766e2
[*] bump jandelgado/gcov2lcov-action to v1.0.8 dccf63a
[*] bump pashagolub/pgxmock to 1.4.0 c7f5322
[*] bump spf13/viper to 1.9.0 990601b
[*] provide more informative message for cancelled connection ca64b99
[*] use goreleaser/goreleaser-action@v2 instead of master 993f94b
[+] add --timeout connection option with default value of 90 seconds 7806cb9
[+] add move_task_up() and move_task_down() functions, closes #314 a113894
[+] add function to delete task from the chain, closes #316 57798da
[+] append SQL function timetable.delete_job to delete chain and its tasks a297aa1
[+] create codeql-analysis.yml 04e7588
[+] increase go-version in the Build action 1a420a0
[+] increase go-version in the Release action 4a4c106
[+] update config example with timeout option 22c8e80
[+] update readme.rst with --timeout description 2f69950
[-] add missing migrations for some added functions, fixes #329 e55987e
[-] fix cron rule typo 8240b5d
[-] fix initial schema for tests bbeffaa
[-] fix logging to the database being stopped after several minutes, closes #327 7806cb9
[-] fix using env variable $PGTT_CLIENTNAME as --clientname 0288f10
[-] update manual for SendMail task, fixes #313 04ee108

New Contributors πŸ™

Full Changelog: v4.1.0...v4.2.0