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Block Wallet is a easy to use and secure Ethereum App.


In this repo you will find the library used by the iOS and Android App. It contains all code which is used to generate, store and sign the transactions. All RPC call implementations are included used by the Apps. All encryption is based on peer reviewed and well known libraries.

Handy Features

Security Highlights

  • Signs transactions on the device itself
  • Sends signed transactions through SSL to a secured RPC Geth server
  • SSL Server Certificate Fingerprint check implemented to warn about MITM Proxys (compromised networks)
  • AES Encryption on Private Key with custom Passcode, only decoded when needed
  • All Data stored in AES128 Encrypted contrainer Stanford Javascript Crypto Library
  • Uses BIP39 Mnemonic code for Recovery of Private Keys
  • Implemented EIP55 capitals-based checksum on send addresses
  • Using QR Codes and Scanner with checksum to prevent typo errors