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Convenience scripts for tripleo

This is just a collection of scripts and tools I've put together that I use for tripleo development.

A PyQt GUI to help with generating TripleO network isolation templates. Uses a number of other files in this repo, so you probably want the whole thing if you're going to use this tool.


  • PyQt4
  • netaddr

On Red Hat-based platforms, these can be installed with yum install PyQt4 python-netaddr


See my blog for the latest news about the tool.


Since this is a GUI tool, it's easiest to run it on your workstation, as opposed to the undercloud. The output path should be set to a directory where network-isolation.yaml, network-environment.yaml, and the nic-configs directory will be written.

In addition, to facilitate loading of previously generated templates back into the tool, it writes a ui-settings.pickle file. Because the template settings are entirely loaded from this file, if manual edits are made to the generated templates they will not be reflected in the tool the next time they are loaded.

The network-isolation.yaml file needs to reference the port files shipped with tripleo-heat-templates, so by default the tool generates the paths assuming network-isolation.yaml will be copied into the environments/ directory of tripleo-heat-templates.

If the generated templates were copied to the undercloud as ~/generated-templates, and a local copy of tripleo-heat-templates exists at ~/tht, an example usage would be:

cp ~/generated-templates/network-isolation.yaml ~/tht/environments/generated-network-isolation.yaml
openstack overcloud deploy --templates ~/tht -e ~/tht/environments/generated-network-isolation.yaml -e ~/generated-templates/network-environment.yaml

DEPRECATED: See instead.

A PyQt GUI to help with generating undercloud.conf. See details in the docstring at the top of the file.


This was a couple of templates for setting sane limits on a TripleO overcloud. It should not be needed in any recent version of TripleO.


QuintupleO-related pieces (including openstackbmc) have moved to


A collection of little scripts that I use to automate tripleo work




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