Image Select addon for Advanced Custom Fields.
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ACF - Image Select Addon

Adds a new choice field 'Image Select' field type to ACF field list to add image-select field.


The 'Image Select' field allows you to add images as radio button.


This add-on will work with:

  • version 5 and up
  • version 4 and up
  • version 3 and bellow


This add-on can be treated as both a WP plugin and a theme include.

Install as Plugin

  1. Copy the 'acf-image-select' folder into your plugins folder
  2. Activate the plugin via the Plugins admin page

Include within theme

  1. Copy the 'acf-image-select' folder into your theme folder (can use sub folders). You can place the folder anywhere inside the 'wp-content' directory
  2. Edit your functions.php file and add the code below (Make sure the path is correct to include the acf-image-select.php file)
add_action('acf/register_fields', 'register_fields');

function my_register_fields()