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#Introduction Data Analysis

  • the buzzword, then meaningless
  • very easy to find real-world motivation


  • statistical analysis
  • exploratory / descriptive
  • vs. hypothesis testing


  • what is R
  • what is S
  • what is SAS
  • pandas

why is pandas

  • incorporates 90% of the good stuff from R
  • keep python syntax

#Data Structures

  • what is a dataframe
    • like a 2d "matrix"
    • index
    • columns
    • associated functions/methods
  • what is the right way to represent 2d data
    • programmers trick questions "how do you reprsent excel?"
  • what is the right way to repersent higher dimensional data
  • what is a series? time-series?
  • what is a csv?
  • what is a flatfile?
  • how is is different from a database?
  • what is a vectorized operation?

#exploratory sitelinks example


  • crosstab
  • logistics regression


  • what is plotting?
  • what is a grammar of graphics?


  • find a csv, or html table, subset it, get some descriptive stastics, and plot it