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with references to NPM

These break code down into managable, easy to read chunks.

What are modules?

These are used to compose large, complex applications without complicating your brains.

What are modules?

There are over 100,000 of these with Open Source licenses, available for you to require in your application.

What are modules?

You can use these to compose applications that run on the back-end, and the front-end.



Modulaity in code writing was given the first class treatment with Node.js.

Node.js ships with the default package manager, NPM.

NPM isa library, and it is filled with modules.

A galore of open source modules await your eager research.

When your application calls for some specific task, it is usually best to see if somebody else has already written a module for it.

Modules allow you to do things with your apps on an abstract level--they take a complex problem, which you yourself could probably never solved, and reduce it to a simple interface.

Therefor, understanding modules and how to use them increases your ability to program.

Plus, you can always read a module to learn how the author handled the task.

There are a handful of modules that make up the core of Node.js

Let's look at those modules.

Next, let's do some searches for modules; what kind of modules should we search?

Not all modules are published; we write our entire application with modules so we can reason about specific things, and maintain large amounts code.

This is how you write a module.