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You can use screen to run command-line programs and keep them running, even when you go away.

install screen

$ sudo apt-get install screen

create a new named screen

$ screen -S website

list screens

$ screen -list

connect to a screen

$ screen -x website

detach from a screen

From inside of a screen, press CTRL+A then d.

create a new window inside screen


go to the next window


go to the previous window


close a window

Just type exit to close a window.

irc from the command-line

Install irssi:

$ sudo apt-get install irssi

Then create a screen for irc:

$ screen -S irc

Then in a screen, you can run irssi to use irc from the command line.

  • /nick robowizard - set your nickname on the server
  • /connect - connect to
  • /join #cyberwizard - join the channel called cyberwizard
  • ESC+N or /win N - to jump to the window at number N

Once you're in a channel, type text like usual. CTRL+A d to detach and screen -x irc to resume.

run a web server

Make a web server.js:

var http = require('http');
var server = http.createServer(function (req, res) {
    res.end("YOU'RE A WIZARD.\n");

now run your server with node from inside a screen:

$ node server.js

then detach the screen with CTRL+A d.