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MQTT Publisher module for MagicMirror2
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MQTT Publisher

Module for MagicMirror publishing notifications from MM notification mechanism to any MQTT Broker(s).

This module allows publishing to a MQTT broker e.g. an IoT framework such as OpenHAB, DSLinks, etc, or some other MQTT broker.

Note: Best used with MMM-MQTT to allow subscribing to an MQTT broker and retrieving information from an MQTT Broker

This project was forked and adapted from @ottopaulsen's MMM-MQTT

Any issues, please report and pull requests are most welcome


Shows that it is active and running. This will most likely include last send notifications with a timeout feature in future


What is MQTT

MQTT is a lightweight messaging protocol implementing the Publish–subscribe pattern, used in mainly in smart (or M2M) environments to allow devices and sensors and basically anything to communicate with anything else, requiring a MQTT broker (i.i. a mosquitto server) see for more info


Open up your terminal, navigate to /path/to/MagicMirror/modules. Then type in:

git clone
cd MMM-MQTT-Publisher
npm install


Here is an example configuration with description. Put it in the MagicMirror/config/config.js file:

    module: 'MMM-MQTT-Publisher',
    position: 'bottom_left',
    header: 'MQTT Publisher',
    config: {
        mqttServers: [
                address: 'localhost',       // Server address or IP address
                port: '1883',               // Port number if other than default
                user: '',                   // Leave out for no user
                password: '',               // Leave out for no password
                publications: [             // multiple topic, notification tuples are allowed
                        topic: 'calender/event',                // Topic to look for
                        notification: 'CALENDER_EVENTS'         // Broadcast data received by `CLOCK_TICK` notification.

mqttServers is an array, so you can add multiple servers to the same config. You can also use the module multiple places on the mirror/screen.

Configuration options

The following properties can be configured:

Option Description
position Location on MagicMirror display
mqttServers An array of servers.

MQTT Server Configuration options

The following properties can be configured for an MQTT Server:

Option Description
address Address (IPv4 or hostname).
Default value: localhost
port The port which the MQTT listens on.
Default value: 1883
user Username credential of the MQTT broker requires it.
This can be left blank if no username is required
password Password credential of the MQTT broker requires it.
This can be left blank if no password is required
publications An array of notifications which the MQTT broker will be accepting from the MM-MQTT module.


MM-MQTT module also allows publishing of data to topics. For a specific MQTT Server, an array of notifications and corresponding topics is defined.

When a notification is received via MM notification mechanism, it is received by the MQTT-Module. This notification is checked against each MQTT Server's publication notifications and the data is published to the topic if needed.

This is detailed below:

Option Description
topic The topic to publish to. e.g. clock or home/door/sensor/open
notification The notification to publish on if present. CALENDER_EVENTS

How To Publish

Publishing data to the MQTT server is done by sending a notification from your module by calling from within your module (not in the node_helper module)

this.sendNotification(notification, payload)


Parameter Description
notification your desired notification name. This can be CALENDER_EVENTS or CLOCK_TICK
payload the data you wish to send to the MQTT broker.


If the payload contains JSON data, use the jsonpointer configuration to get the value. See JSON Ponter specification or google an easier description.

When dealing with a topic named e.g. /mirror/clock/tick, you will need to parse the topic and its value into a JSON object.


You want to publish data to the topic /mirror/clock/tick with value 21

The resulting JSON Object format is: {"mirror": {"clock": {"tick": 21}}}

p.s. don't forget about adding quotes to each string value to match JSON compatibility


Pull requests are welcome.


Create more descriptive GUI possibly adding a list of notifications with the most recently published first.

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