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/* rawR&cv.ino Example sketch for IRLib2
* Illustrate how to capture raw timing values for an unknow protocol.
* You will capture a signal using this sketch. It will output data the
* serial monitor that you can cut and paste into the "rawSend.ino"
* sketch.
// Recommend only use IRLibRecvPCI or IRLibRecvLoop for best results
#include <IRLibRecvPCI.h>
IRrecvPCI myReceiver(2);//pin number for the receiver
void setup() {
delay(2000); while (!Serial); //delay for Leonardo
myReceiver.enableIRIn(); // Start the receiver
Serial.println(F("Ready to receive IR signals"));
void loop() {
//Continue looping until you get a complete signal received
if (myReceiver.getResults()) {
Serial.println(F("Do a cut-and-paste of the following lines into the "));
Serial.println(F("designated location in rawSend.ino"));
Serial.print(F("\n#define RAW_DATA_LEN "));
Serial.print(F("uint16_t rawData[RAW_DATA_LEN]={\n\t"));
for(bufIndex_t i=1;i<recvGlobal.recvLength;i++) {
Serial.print(F(", "));
if( (i % 8)==0) Serial.print(F("\n\t"));
Serial.println(F("1000};"));//Add arbitrary trailing space
myReceiver.enableIRIn(); //Restart receiver