A Circuit Python module for sending and receiving infrared signals
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IRLibCP -- a Circuit Python Module for Receiving, Decoding and Sending Infrared Signals.

IRLibCP is copyright 2017 by Chris Young. It it is translation of the original IRLib2 written in C++ by Chris Young. See COPYRIGHT.txt for details.

This library is covered under the GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE Version 3. See LICENSE.txt for a copy of the license.

See CHANGELOG.txt for recent changes.

This is an extremely early beta release. Much further documentation, example code, and module refinement is necessary.

There is a preliminary users manual in .docx and PDF formats in the docs folder.

NOTE: This module depends on the Circuit Python "pulseio" module which was originally only available on the "Express" versions of Adafruit boards. Specifically Circuit Python Express, Feather M0 Express, and Metro M0 Express. Other implementations of Circuit Python such as regular Feather M0 Basic or BLE or ESP 8266 initially do not support pulseio. However starting with Circuit Python 2.x pulseio is available on other platforms however this library has not been tested on those platforms and we cannot guarantee it will work. Use at your own risk.