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Systems Administration for Cyborgs README


Systems Administration for Cyborgs is Pre-release

Feel free to review and submit comments/pull requests with corrections. Official publication/launch will be in the next few weeks, baring any major flaws with the text.


Systems Administration for Cyborgs is a book-like object that introduces basic systems administration concepts, practices, and problems, to technical audiences without traditional systems administration experience: developers/engineers, project managers, architects, managers, and so forth.

Systems administration is changing, and most people who work extensively will find themselves doing administrative work at some point, and this document serves as an introduction to basic systems administration for contemporary systems administrators.


This repository is hosted on github at <>, and is accessible on

You can generate text from these source files using the included makefile and the Sphinx publishing toolkit. There are no other dependencies, unless you need to build PDF output, which requires a working LaTeX installation and pdflatex.


This work is licensed to you under a combined Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike License.

Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike: