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Document Test Framework (dtf)

dtf is a test runner, designed to help coordinate and enforce consistency requirements for large documentation projects, though its implementation may be more broadly useful. Ideally dtf will help facilitate easy, regular and automated testing for documentation source and production output, and ease the burden of manual consistency editing and checking, and help increase the quality of tests without increasing the workload for editors and documentation maintainers.

dtf does not run Python unittest tests or coordinate with existing test frameworks (at this time.)


The dtf tutorial provides a complete introduction to dtf and its operation. See the dtf API documentation for a full account of the implementation of dtf.
Issue Tracker
File bugs or enhancement requests on To discuss development use the institute listserv.

The main git repository for dtf is accessible via http at <> with gitweb. You can also see the mirror at github and submit changes to dtf either via email/issue tracker (i.e. patches,) or via github's pull requests.

In addition to the most up to date version of the dtf code, the repositories also contain a full suite of example test specs and case definitions.

PyPI Package
All releases of the core dtf program are on PyPi at: <>.


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