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Customizing your Mastodon Instance

After modifying any of the following files, you'll need to run the following command:

RAILS_ENV=production bundle exec rails assets:precompile


As of 1.1 you can change colors in your custom.scss:


There are four colors you can change.

$color1: #282c37; // darkest
$color2: #d9e1e8; // lightest
$color3: #9baec8; // lighter
$color4: #2b90d9; // vibrant

$color1 controls background colors, like the backdrop and the column panel backgrounds.

$color2 and $color3 control text shades on about pages, soft highlight colors, glows, and tints.

$color4 controls bright/saturated elements, like the TOOT! button and other interactable buttons.

I would recommend customizing the colors by mainly changing the hue; the saturation and value/lightness are fairly important to maintaining good readability and human factors.


Most of the image assets are in the following folder:


Here are some you may be interested in modifying:

  • background-photo.jpeg -- the background of the about pages (/about and /about/more) as well as any static-view pages like people's profiles and post detail views accessed from other instances

  • fluffy-elephant-friend.png -- the fluffy elephant friend on the new user landing page

  • logo.png -- the Mastodon logo displayed at the top of the landing page and other about pages

About page text

Here are some relevant files to look at / edit:

  • app/views/about/index.html.haml -- the landing page template. This is where you could change the big text at the top to the name of your instance instead of "Mastodon"

  • config/locales/en.yml -- the `about_mastodon' section is the paragraph under the heading above (replace 'en' with your language of choice)

  • app/views/about/terms.en.html.haml -- the terms and conditions for your instance

  • Administrator control panel, Site Settings section, extended site description -- the text shown on the "About this instance" page

UI text

If you want to customize UI verbs like "favourite", "post", "Toot!", etc, here's where to look:

  • app/assets/javascripts/components/locales/en.jsx -- this is where the Toot! button text is defined among other things

  • config/locales/en.yml

  • config/locales/simple_form.en.yml

  • app/assets/javascripts/components/features/... -- files in here contain most of the miscellaneous UI strings that need text-replacement to insert e.g. user names. For example:

  • app/assets/javascripts/components/features/notifications/components/notification.jsx -- the "Alice favourited/boosted your status" messages

  • app/assets/javascripts/components/features/getting_started/index.jsx -- the Getting Started panel tab names

UI icons

These are all over the damn place. You'll want to grep for "icon:", "icon=", "fa-", etc, as well as the name of the icon you want to replace in the set. Some likely candidates, depending on what you're doing:

  • app/assets/javascripts/components/features/notifications/components/notification.jsx -- fav/boost icons in notifications

  • app/assets/javascripts/components/features/status/components/action_bar.jsxand app/assets/javascripts/components/components/status_action_bar.jsx -- fav/boost icons on toots

  • app/assets/javascripts/components/features/getting_started/index.jsx -- getting started panel icons

Incorporating the variable-width column userstyle:

Add the following lines to app/assets/stylesheets/custom.scss:

   @media screen and (min-width: 1300px) {
      .column {
        flex-grow: 1 !important;

      .drawer {
        width: 20%;